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Woman in White - Wilkie Collins

Well, the end of the second epoch, and it feels like it was an epoch.  


This entire second section was entirely devoid of Walter Hartwright, which for someone not so romantically and melodramatically inclined as Walter, was a welcome relief.  Marion reverted back to the strong, sensible woman I first thought her to be too, which was also a relief, as most of the second epoch is in her voice.  We also hear from Frederick Fairlie, who is so, so pathetic a human being.  At the same time, his inanities provided a black-humor that helped to both lighten the tone and foreshadow even more darkness.  Percival is evil.  Impetuous and evil.


I can't imagine what a game changer this book must have been when it was first published in 1859.  So many devices and themes that are used and abused in today's fiction are here, but done by a master.  Maybe it's because I've read so many of those imposters and imitators, but I did clue into a few of the twists, including the biggest one:




*bride of Frankenstein voice* SHE'S ALIVE! 


All kidding aside, when, on page 261 and 262, Anne confesses her impending mortality and for the second time in the narrative becomes rhapsodic over the idea of being buried with Laura's mother (not next to, mind you, with) and goes on about making amends, the twist started to show itself.

(show spoiler)



It didn't ruin anything for me, because I could have been wrong, but when my guess was shown to be right, it didn't feel as earth-moving as it would have.