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Turbo Twenty-Three (Plum, #23)

Turbo Twenty-Three - Janet Evanovich

I've long ago stopped expecting anything different from these... I think the last really different plot was maybe 11?  But I still keep happily coming back for more because I'm hooked on the characters.  All of them: Connie, Ranger, Morelli, Grandma, Stephanie's mom, Vinnie... even LuLu (who's sometimes a bit too over the top).


Number 23 isn't any different.  Total formula, but Evanovich got an extra star out of me because she's pretty much ended the whole who-will-she-choose? charade (no, that's not a spoiler) and she adds some truly classic, rip-snorting, laugh out loud moments.  There's always at least one in every book, but this one had me laughing out loud at least 4 times.  That might be a new record for me.  She might churn these out in her sleep, but she still has the ability to set up the best comedic moments in just a sentence or three.  


As long as she keeps me laughing, I'll keep coming back.