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2016 reading port-mortem; The Stats

I figured this year I'd go whole hog on the reading wrap up, but I don't want to hit everyone with a massive long post (although I love reading them, I hate writing them), so I'm doing three:  Overall stats, and goals, best non-fiction, and best fiction.


I read 252 books this year.  I almost made it to 253 (1 stinking chapter) but I fell asleep.  It doesn't matter one whit because I blew through my set goal of 175 for the year a few months ago. I didn't adjust my goal back then because I knew spring could be hectic here and I always forget Christmas is coming (long summer days do not = Christmas to me and my N. Hemisphere brain).  Spring was hectic, Christmas did sneak up on me (again) and I had a reading slump in November, but I still broke all my previous reading records.


I don't know how to get my average rating for just 2016, but my average across all my reviews is 3.7, so let's just go with I'm a generous rater AND I choose books I'm apt to enjoy.  Not a big risk taker, that's me!  :)


I can believe this - I thought this book was pretty good.


I'm not sure I can believe this one; in spite of my attempts to perfect the BookLikes data, I'm pretty sure most of the books on my shelves have missing or inaccurate page numbers.  But it's still a pretty great number!


My biggest surprise of the year is the number of non-fiction books I've read.  My goal at the beginning of 2016 was to read at least one non-fiction book a month.  HA! and HA! again.  I ended up reading 76 non-fiction books.  I don't think up until January last year I'd read 76 non-fiction books in all my adult years combined.  


Which is why there will be two posts for my favourite books of 2016.  :)