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Happy Christnukkah!


Sorry, I saw this and it had to be posted.


With all sincerity, levity and cheer I wish my fellow BookLikers much peace and joy.


Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating Christmas - may your day be filled with happiness, friendship and books.


Happy Hanukkah to all my friends celebrating the Festival of Lights (or Dedication) on this first night.  I hope all 8 days are filled with light and laughter (and books).  


For everyone else whose celebrations (or not) are unknown to me, I hope you enjoy these coming weeks and they are filled with cheer and love.  And books.


Because it's all about the books.  (I'm kidding!)  ;-)


Seriously - happy holidays to all of you, whatever holiday it is.  I hope everyone has a safe, glorious time!  I adore you all!