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The Gift of the Magi and other short stories

The Gift Of The Magi And Other Stories - O. Henry, Pam Muñoz Ryan

I'm late (as usual) but I've started my holiday reading.  This was my first book, a collection of O. Henry's short stories, starting with The Gift of the Magi which is actually the only Christmas story in the collection, but it's a great one.  


O. Henry loved a good twist didn't he?  All of these stories go in directions readers wouldn't expect.  I think the only one that left me flat was The Hiding of Black Bill anti was only really average in comparison to the rest.  The Purple Dress and One Thousand Dollars were the most poignant of the collection to me.


Overall, highly recommended, especially if you're new to O. Henry's work.  It's a great taste of his writing without being too big a commitment.