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Woman in White - Wilkie Collins

I've just finished the first Epoch.  From a narrative style POV I was relieved to leave Hartright's recollections; the succinctness and minimal sentiment of Gilmore's narrative was a breath of fresh air after all Hartright's mooning.  I had also been looking forward to Miss Halcomb's POV but by the end of it I'm not sure she's any less prone to over-sentiment than Hartright.  She, at least, shows spirit though and I like the epistolary style of her contribution.


There's no way this story is going to end well, given the momentum that's built up at this point, a third of the way through, but I just know there has to be some shocking twist in store.  My guess:



Sir Percival is already married to Anne Catherick, the Woman in White.


(show spoiler)


Looking at the table of contents it seems that I'm to be treated with a narrative from the POV of Mr. Fairlie.  I'm not sure that any reader deserve this; my nerves might not be able to survive it.