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Shakespeare Wrote for Money

Shakespeare Wrote for Money - Nick Hornby

I'd been in the mood for a book about books and started reading The World Between Two Covers, but it's turning out to be more a thesis of, than ode to, reading, so I switched to a sure thing and picked up Nick Hornby's third collection of columns from the Believer magazine.


Shakespeare Wrote for Money covers two years, from 2006-2008, and purports to be the last one, as Hornby left the Believer after his September 2008 column.  As it turns out the leave was temporary, as I already own his fourth collection, but this one does seem to lack the enthusiasm that over-flowed from the first two books.  It was still highly entertaining and thought-provoking, but there was a hint, in comparison, of a going through the motions.


I still highly recommend it and thoroughly enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to the fourth collection; perhaps after his self-imposed hiatus he'll be back in top form.