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The Book of Human Emotions

The Book of Human Emotion - Tiffany Watt-Smith

I meant to dip into this book once in awhile as it's truly just an alphabetical listing of emotions that the author chose to write small essays on (sometimes only a line or paragraph, sometimes several pages). She disavows any idea that this is at all a comprehensive list, but she does cover most of the emotions that are part of our day-to-day lives - as well as a few entirely new (to me) ones.


The thing is, as I started reading, I found myself continuing on, reading it as though it were a narrative and about half-way through I began to think this would make an excellent self-help book in an odd and quirky way. Many of her essays get to the heart of the emotion and leaves the reader with a lot to consider; some of her entries consider the emotion's original meaning and context and often I found this enough to put things into perspective regarding the fun fair that is the inside of my own head sometimes.


Whether it's read cover to cover or dipped into on occasion, this is a genuinely lovely book and well worth reading for anyone curious about philosophy or psychology.