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Behind Chocolate Bars (Chocolate Covered Mystery, #3)

Behind Chocolate Bars - Kathy Aarons

No as good as the first two books in the series.  It felt like Michelle lost some of that individuality that made her stand; she lost some of her wise-cracking nature and felt a lot more vanilla.  It also felt like a lot more chocolate descriptions that could have doubled as marketing copy.


The mystery was good though and I like the direction the author has gone with Detective Lockett.  Aarons isn't rushing the romance - if anything it's moving at a snail's pace - but I do think the whole sub-story line with Leo was rushed and I don't think she did any favours to PTSD with the way she neatly wrapped it all up in a bow at the end.


Generally I enjoyed the read, if not as much as I did the first two books.  I'll definitely read the next one.


This storyline takes place in the weeks coming up to Halloween and culminates on Halloween night; since my original book for Set on Halloween square for Halloween Book Bingo 2016 hasn't yet arrived (damn you postal services!), I'm using this as my substitute.