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Rivers of London (Peter Grant, #1)

Rivers of London  - Ben Aaronovitch

This book made the rounds awhile ago, but I got it into my head that it was darker than what I enjoy and dismissed it, until someone recently mentioned how funny it was.  Thank you whoever you are!


Not to say that I didn't have problems with it; I did - minor-ish ones including the riot of editing errors found throughout the text of my library's edition (published by Gollancz in London).  I lost count of the number of missing words, extra words and repeated words I stumbled over, until they started reminding me of the sand Peter found pouring out of his electronic devices. 


Why did the face-distortion dissimulo have to happen?  By the very end, I thought I'd gotten it figured out, but I'm still guessing:


Was that a byproduct of Punch being able to come through?  When it was described after the first murder, I thought it was a disguising spell, but it became clear after the second death that that wasn't the case.

(show spoiler)


That the necessity of this was never explicitly explained bothered me; without explanation it feels possibly gratuitous.  (and makes me go all alliterative, apparently.)


The scene post-riot, with Peter on the train: Mr. P. was already elsewhere, using someone else in the riot, but now suddenly he's on the train with Peter (and how did he find Peter??) ranting like a drunk and driving the people on the train toward an orgy instead of the anger and violence he's used every other time.  Not a happy orgy, granted, but it's not at all consistent with previous episodes.


Once I discovered Lesley's role, I was eager for the book to be over, but that's not the author's shortcoming, just me not liking where he was going.


But in spite of all that, I did really enjoy this book - the humour shines from beginning to end and I really liked the characters.  It was a really entertaining read and I had a lot of fun in this alternate London.  I have Moon Over Soho on the TBR already and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.