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Cautiously hopeful...

I hesitate to mention this, just in case someone is blowing smoke and I'm inhaling it, but...


I started getting panicky yesterday with the extended BL outage and burned a one-off chance to find out WTH?!  I didn't expect a response, mind you, I was really just hoping to light a fire under someone.  But I did get a response.  A small one, but one that might be promising.


"Sorry for that. It should be fine now. We did a little server upgrade"


I know, I know WHY DIDN'T THEY TELL US?  I don't know why we weren't told.  I can speculate and say maybe the upgrade was unplanned but necessary b/c something broke, or maybe they thought it would be a short outage and it wasn't, or maybe they're just barely keeping it together and are just reacting instead of pro-acting (not a word).  Or maybe they're just blowing smoke and telling me it was an upgrade because it sounds better then "oh, it just went down again".  But those are all just guesses.


I didn't ask for clarification and I won't.  I passed on my thanks and offered any assistance I could offer here on BL and left it at that.  They can't keep running BL this way so I figure nagging them isn't going to help right now.  It'll either get better or it won't.  If that response isn't smoke, then maybe it'll be getting better.


I know a lot of people here are fed up and done, and I get it - I don't blame them and I don't think this is going to change anyone's mind.  But I did want to let the rest of the die-hards, "hell-no-we-won't-go" BLers know.  :D