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Best. State. Ever.

Best. State. Ever.: A Florida Man Defends His Homeland - Dave Barry

I needed something light and non-fiction(ish) last night and this was perfect.  I've never read Barry before, but I knew I was in for fun and maybe a laugh or two.  I not only wasn't disappointed, but I now have the urge to, next time I'm home, shove MT in the car and subject him to all the wacky, tacky tourist traps from my childhood.


The introduction and first chapter read almost like a stand-up routine; the majority of pure hilarity is found here the beginning.  The rest of the book is definitely humorous but reads more like a Bill Bryson book, only much less British.


What I liked best about the book though, was that Barry points out what is obvious to those of us that are true natives to Florida:  all the weird, crazy stuff that the other 49 states laugh at Florida over is pretty much always perpetuated by people who came from those other 49 states.  If y'all would just stop shipping your nut jobs south, Florida would be as normal as the rest, but it would also be a lot less fun.