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The Hound of the Baskervilles - Illustrated -  Arthur Conan Doyle

I'm through chapter 6 and Watson and Sir Henry Baskerville have just arrived at Baskerville Hall. 


Is it just me, or did Doyle contradict himself in chapter 6?  I'll paraphrase because it's too long to quote, but as they are in the carriage, Watson says Sir Henry "cried out in delight as he recognized the familiar features of the Devon scenery."   But in the next paragraph Sir Henry says he's never seen Baskerville Hall before because he and his father lived "in a little cottage on the south coast",  and he went to America immediately after his father's death.


Am I missing something?


I have to confess: the next few chapters are my least favourite because, while I love Watson like a favourite uncle, he tries my patience.  There, I said it.


What can I do?  I'm a Holmes girl.  ;-)