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Undeniably Yours (Lucy Valentine Mystery, #5)

Undeniably Yours - Heather Webber

I've been a big fan of Heather Webber since day one.  My favourite series has always been, hands-down, the Lucy Valentine series about a woman born with the genetically inherited gift of seeing auras - a trait her family has used as professional matchmakers for generations. One day as a teen she's electrocuted and loses her gift.  No longer able to see auras, she can now find lost objects, and as an adult she learns to manipulate this gift to find people's lost loves and missing children.


Webber's writing is undeniably cozy, but it's always got a depth that sneaks up and surprises you.  Undeniably Yours is no exception; that cover might have you thinking rom-com, but it isn't at all.  It starts with a missing investigative reporter; one with surprising ties to Lucy's best friend.  This is a mystery first and foremost, one that leads to a very non-cozy plot and a not-at-all cozy ending, although Webber still ends the story on a high note.


There wasn't anything at all I didn't like about this book; it's excellent, well plotted and fast paced.  The only reason I deducted half a star is for editing errors in the form of missing words.  The book wasn't riddled with them, but there were enough to make it impossible to ignore.  Webber self-published this 5th book, but those missing words are really the only evidence and I have big-pub books that are much worse.


I think this is the last book in this series she's published and if there aren't any more, it ends in a pretty o.k. place, but if Webber decides to take the series further I'm definitely on-board for another.


I'm using this for my Full Moon square for Halloween Book Bingo.