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The rotation blues and how to fix them.

Ever go to share a photo here on BookLikes only to have it come out...sideways?



Or sometimes, upside down?

(iOS taking "Down Under" as location information a bit too literally.)


This happens with pictures taken with iOS: an iPad or an iPhone (note: I was not able to re-create this on the latest iOS, so it might be fixed, or I might have just been lucky).  


It's not a bug, exactly, because if you open these pics in any image editor, they open correctly, but something about how iOS writes the image orientation information in the file isn't translated correctly in BookLikes' image uploader.


The fix is easy from a desktop or a laptop*:

1. Get the image to your computer, either by transferring it from your device or dragging it back off the wonky BookLikes post.


2. Open it in whatever image editor you have.  On a Mac, the preview.app is what comes with the OS.


3. Rotate the picture - even though it probably looked 'right' when you opened it, rotate it so that it looks wonky.  --Save the file.--


4. Now rotate the picture back to rights.  Save the file again.


The important step here is #3 - you need to force the image editor to save the file with changes, otherwise it won't re-write the header information that's causing the problem. (i.e. if you were to rotate the file 360°, the program would just mark the file 'saved' without re-writing anything - because no material changes were made.)


Once you've done that, delete the orientation-challenged photos from your post and replace them with the 'new' ones and ta-da!:


All is right with the world again.  :)



* - Please note:  This should also be possible from a mobile device, but I was unable to test it on mine since it was, of course, taking pictures without orientation issues.  It might be necessary to edit the photos on an app other than the standard "Photos" app because it doesn't have a "Save" function the user can invoke.  But an app with a built in photo editor that allows you to 'save' to your camera roll *should* work.