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Silk Stalkings (Material Witness, #3)

Silk Stalkings - Diane Vallere

This is a good series, with really well done characterisations and a nice cozy small-town setting, but the editors blew it with this one and the story wasn't strong enough to compensate.


The story was interesting enough and the murder well-plotted but the sloppy editing not only had characters talking face-to-face and then suddenly hanging up the phone, only to continue chatting face-to-face, but vague references are never followed up on, hints are left dangling and logic trails left from previous edits are left as shadowy dead-ends.  There were quite a few moments where I felt like I didn't have a handle on what was going on, and ultimately that cost this book 1 star.


I'll still happily order and read the next one in the series; perhaps the editor will find his/her mojo by then.