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Ammie, Come Home Buddy Read begins TOMORROW!

Ammie Come Home - Barbara Michaels

Well, tomorrow* is it!  The beginning of Halloween Book Bingo and the beginning of our Buddy read for Ammie Come Home by Barbara Michaels.  This book would qualify for several book bingo squares including:

Genre: Horror


Scary Women Authors

Ghosts and Haunted Houses



...there might even by a Dark and Stormy Night in there somewhere (isn't there usually with haunted houses and seances?).  


To make finding the discussions and posts easier, please use either of the following tags on your posts:

Ammie Come Home Buddy Read

Ammie Buddy Read


If I understand BL search, searching either of those tags should bring up both.


It's not too late to join in; so far the following people have said they'd like to participate:


Moonlight Murder

Person of Interest 

Hooked on Books

Spare Ammo

Book Cupidity

Linda Hilton


Jennifer's Books

Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books!

The Open Book

Ani's Book Abyss

Kell's Reading Realm


Looking forward to it!!


* Tomorrow is relative to which side of the date line you're on.  September 1st, precisely.  ;-)