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Tricked (Iron Druid Chronicles, #4)

Tricked - Kevin Hearne, Christopher Ragland

This series is great fun, but I probably liked this one the least.  I think.


While I generally love most stories that interweave Native American myths into the plot, I don't like the ones that rely on the protagonist being manipulated into corners by others.  Which means Coyote is probably never going to be my favourite NA god (although I do like the Coyote in Briggs' Mercy Thompson series).  I also didn't enjoy reading about the betrayal of Atticus by someone he considered if not a friend, certainly an ally.


I'd give a lot for Granuaile to stop calling Atticus sensei; I can't take her, as a character, nor her respect for Atticus seriously because of that stupid moniker.


What I did love where the scenes involving the Blessing Way and the very small moments when they discussed the Witchery Way and the Four Worlds of the Navajo Nation.


It was an entertaining read, with a conclusion that could have served as the end of the series.  It isn't but the next book happens 12 years later, which makes this a good place to pause in the series and take a break. 


N.B. I listened to this on audio and the narrator Christopher Ragland does a great job with Atticus and Granuaile; even Coyote's voice is acceptable although I could find fault with his slow good ol' boy interpretation.  But I hate his Oberon.  I cringe every single time I hear that slurry voice he uses for the majestic wolfhound; he makes Oberon sound like he has partial facial paralysis.  But being outside the US, I'm stuck with Ragland's narration or none at all.  It could have been worse though; in Hammered I had to listen to him make Leif the vampire sound like a Clint Eastwood with laryngitis.