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Book lists by square for Halloween Book Bingo


I'm pretty sure there isn't anybody out there who isn't aware of Moonlight Murder and Obsidian Black Death's most excellent 2016 Halloween Book Bingo; those of us participating have fairly flooded the feeds recently planning our lists and sharing ideas for fulfilling each square.


I thought it might be helpful to try to consolidate these recommendations into BookLike lists (found from the Dashboard under, oddly enough, Apps), to make it easier to see what people are reading and recommending.  I've only done 8 squares/lists so far, but I'll knock out most of the rest tomorrow (hopefully).


I've created a linked list of lists in the Bingo group, but I thought I'd post about it too, in case not everybody participating gets notified of new posts, or belongs to the group.


I've tagged all the lists halloween bingo too so if you go to the reading page and search for halloween bingo, they should come up.  You can also click on the little tag displayed underneath the list title.


When I knew to do it, I mentioned in the comments for each book what other categories that book could be used for.


Please feel free to recommend additional books for the lists in the list comments - unfortunately BL doesn't (yet) offer the ability to create public contribution lists - and I'll add the titles quick as I can.