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So a library sale happened...

I was at my local library yesterday, checking out books instead of buying them, being all smart and stuff, when I happened to ask the librarian 'what do you do with your out of circulation books' and she tells me there's a periodic sale, and her co-worker pipes up "oh, that's tomorrow".


Now how is that not fate???  This sale is my reward for being good.


I showed up 10 minutes early and found a line down the sidewalk (book sales are serious business!) and when they opened the doors we ascended like locusts.  If I saw this happen in a department store, I'd turn tail and run, but books!  



Some of these are big risks - I remember someone saying one of Anne Bishop's older series (older than The Others) was really good and one wasn't.  I couldn't remember which was which so I took a gamble and got the Black Jewel books.  They were really cheap so if I screwed up, I didn't lose a lot.  I've never heard of The Book of Madness and Cures but the cover was pretty.  The Crusie book could go either way - I adore her stuff, but not a fan of the other Mayer co-written book I've read: Don't Look Down.


I've wanted to read Girl Waits with Gun for ages, and Pratchett requires no explanation.


I also bought a very old biography of President Garfield (it was old, it was in good shape, it was pretty and I thought, based on the title, that it was about Lincoln - oops) that's not in the system yet and MT got three Bosch novels he was missing.


Turns out they have these sales 4 times a year and they're sponsored by the Historical Society, which explains why I've never heard about them.  Because if I see Historical Society Book Sale, I'm not thinking Jennifer Cruise or Terry Pratchett.  Or at least I wasn't.  :)