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Ready for the worst case scenario... sort of.

Everybody knows I'm not leaving BookLikes until the wheels fall off, or the hamster madly powering this site drops dead.  Everybody knows how much I love this site.  


BUT the level of flakiness and avoidance they're displaying is not only worrisome, it's irritating as hell. I'm still not convinced they're going anywhere (this is what delusion and logic looks like) but I'm not feeling super-confident and trusting either.


So last night I started the hellish task of scraping a copy of all my reviews out of BookLikes.  With no export function, it's either copy/paste or finding an app or command-line level tool that will download every webpage and image to your hard drive.  Both solutions suck a lot, but I went with the second option* because it was easier on my hands - less highlighting/clicking/dragging.


I've (or, I should say, the computer) just finished.  It has successfully scraped out over 1800 of my reviews and posts, and they're safely residing on my hard drive.


I've joined the Reading Room, but I've got to say, I don't like it.  The list of reasons is long (biggest complaint so far: I can't seem to choose my editions), but it's not GoodReads, so it has that going for it.  But I doubt I'll spend any energy on it.


So, my reviews are safe, but I've still not seen anything else that comes close to offering what I already have here.  The way I see it, that leaves two options:


1.  I win the lottery and buy BookLikes, or


2.  BookLikes quits f*cking around and starts going about the business of running BookLikes, as opposed to running it into the ground.


Since I'm the queen of the universe that is this small post, I choose option 2.


*For those tech inclined, I used wget, suggested by Bookaneer.