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Superior Iron Man #4

Superior Iron Man #4 - Yildiray Cinar, Tom    Taylor

I'm intentionally not rating this because I'm friends with the author and his wife.  Additionally, I'm coming into a story line in the middle here and wouldn't know a good comic from a bad one.


We've had this on our shelves at home since it came out, even though we don't read comics, because Tom occasionally includes his friends in his comics and this issue included a super brief cameo by my husband.


Since I needed to read a comic to fill the Graphic novel or comic book square for Summer book bingo, it seemed an obvious choice.


Since I know Tom I'm not going to comment either way about the writing except to say that this is one of the few comics I've tried (really - very few) that I've been able to 'get into' the story line: I struggled with previous comics because of the heavy reliance on the graphics to tell at least as much of the story as the text; I can do graphics or text, but fall out of a narrative when I have to use both.  Anyway, I didn't have that problem here.


I won't comment on the graphics beyond saying it was very weird to see dialogue coming from characters with closed mouths.  Is that normal for comic graphics?  I just kept thinking about ventriloquists.  Other times the characters were drawn with their mouths wide open, seemingly implying they were yelling, but the speech bubbles just indicated normal speech.  It was jarring.


The husband tells me that it was just announced yesterday at ComicCon that Tom will be writing Injustice 2; sadly I have little idea of what this actually means, but I get the impression it's a huge honking deal - so woot!  Go Tom!  ;-)