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Stephen Fry's Incomplete & Utter History of Classical Music

Stephen Fry's Incomplete & Utter History of Classical Music - Tim Lihoreau, Stephen Fry

I feel like I've just finished a flipping marathon.


If, like me, you enjoy slightly more than a smattering of classical music but are utterly ignorant of who came first and who wrote what where and when, this is an extraordinarily entertaining and sometimes silly (it's Fry) way to go about educating yourself.  But be warned: Fry packs an absolute boatload of information into the 304 pages he has to work with.  I had been enjoying this book at night, right before going to sleep, but once I entered the era of Beethoven and Mozart, I actually started having trouble sleeping afterwards; my mind just kept reeling through all the information and I was 'continuing to read' after I was asleep (if you think Fry is silly, you should hear the nonsense I was 'reading' in my sleep).  I finally just threw myself into the final third all day today so I could finish the bloody thing and get a decent night's sleep.  


I'd have gone the whole 5 star hog but this is a very UK-centric book; lots and lots of very British cultural references, quite a few of which I'm certain went right over my head in spite of having a husband weaned on the Australian BBC feed, so if you wouldn't consider yourself moderately versed in UK popular culture and/or cockney slang (thank god for MT) then you might find the writing irritating at times.  All in all though, in spite of the more-screwed-up-than-usual sleeping patterns, I thoroughly enjoyed the read and the education.


But I'm totally using this for my A Hard Book square in the Summer Book Bingo.  And I'm dragging MT to the Melbourne Symphony's performance of Beethoven's Fifth next weekend.  That'll teach him to help me translate the cockney.  ;-)