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Magic Stars (Grey Wolf, #1)

Magic Stars - Ilona Andrews

I think I might be the last Kate Daniels fan to pick this novella up; I like Derek but I don't love Derek. I do love Julie though, and Julie and Derek together, so when I found out Magic Stars is really about the two of them, I ordered it.


Short, but complete, with a fairly decent plot that felt a tiny bit unbelievable even for a UF.  I know, Julie is a witch and lived on the streets, and yada yada yada, but she's 16 and was gone 2 nights and neither Curran nor Kate (or any of the others) noticed?  It felt odd.


I loved the dialogue between Derek and Julie - for me it was the best part of the book.  The actual plot was a stretch but served as a nice passive-aggressive way of telling fans that yes, they do belong together, but she's still jail-bait so have some patience.  ;-)