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A Murder of Magpies (Samantha Clair, #1)

A Murder of Magpies - Judith Flanders

I've already written a review of this, but there were details I couldn't remember from my first read (like how Clair and Jake hooked up), and I needed a re-read for my 2016 Summer Book Bingo square, so I spent today refreshing my memory.


It's still an excellent read and a lot of fun.  I mentioned in my review of the second book, A Bed of Scorpions, that I thought this one was more chaotic.  It is a chaotic story, but after re-reading it I realise it was the bucket-load of clue review and internal dialogue that had me remembering I didn't like something about it.  I doubt anyone else would find it as annoying but spending a lot of time inside someone's head is a bit of a peeve of mine.


Still highly recommended though.