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The Dirt on Ninth Grave (Charley Davidson, #9)

The Dirt on Ninth Grave - Darynda Jones

My personal health reality includes sleeping medications, so I rarely suffer from anything that could be called insomnia.  Except on very rare occasions when they fail, and last night they failed spectacularly - I never went to sleep.  I finally started to nod off when MT's alarm went off and I briefly contemplated instigating a domestic disturbance.


The good news - I guess - is that I finished The Dirt on Ninth Grave in one sitting.  I was engrossed enough in the story to not want to put it down, but I'd have preferred not feeling like a zombie on toast today.


I definitely, thoroughly, enjoyed this book but I liked it the least of the nine books so far.  It was the amnesia thing.  We finally got to a place in the story arc where we had answers and a clear goal in site and then this book comes along and we're temporarily rebooted to Charley not knowing anything.  I thought this would only last a few chapters... maybe half the book at the outside, but nope: Charley doesn't snap out of it until the end.


I saved this book until The Curse of Tenth Grave was released because I'd read from several places that Ninth Grave ended on a cliffhanger.  I'll argue this ending isn't a cliffhanger though, because the action comes to an end; the story is paused.  A major story-arc plot twist is revealed, but it's more a 'how will this affect the arc' twist, rather than 'ohmigod is someone gonna die in chapter 1 of book 10?!?'.


...I think.  Thankfully, I have the next book sitting here waiting, so I can find out.  After I take a nap. 


(I might use this book as the Book with a terrible cover Summer Book Bingo square.  It's not objectively terrible, but I don't like it.)