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Rock-a-Bye Bones (Sarah Booth Delaney, #16)

Rock-a-Bye Bones - Carolyn Haines

I love this series, it's always been a consistently strong one with a touch of paranormal (guardian ghost), incredibly strong female characters, and great mystery plots that avoid a lot of irritating potholes because Sarah Booth is a licensed PI so people expect her to be nosy.


But as good as Rock-a-Bye Bones is, it did get on my nerves a bit.  Sarah Booth is at a cross-roads in her love life and she has an embarrassment of options going forward, but from the start of this series there has only ever been one romantic interest that I've cheered for and I am tired of waiting for it to happen.  Get on with it already!


Sarah Booth's BF and partner, Tinky, has a crisis of her own too, and it's not a happy one; anyone who has read this series would see it coming, but I loved the climatic conversation between Tinky and Sarah Booth: SB spoke the truth and didn't pussy-foot around it.  I love that the author isn't afraid to let her characters be rational, even as they're being emotional.


The main plot was really, really good, but the sub-plot that continues a story from a previous book was unnecessary and diminished my enjoyment.  It's just a little too hollywood for my taste.


I love this series enough to work on upgrading the early paperbacks I have to hardcovers; this is one of those I just don't think I'm ever going to outgrow.