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Customized Blog Pages: Changing the background color of your actual posts...

By request...


Note: If you try this and it doesn't work, check your typing carefully and make sure that all those silly semi-colons and brackets are there and haven't been missed.  I'm either using or have tried these on my own blog and have verified they work.


This will change the background color of your posts (by default a bright white) on your blog page. Please note that this won't change how anyone sees your posts from their own dashboard.


From the settings, choose the blog tab, and click "Customise".


All the changes are made from the black bar on the left of this page; specifically, scroll down all the way to the bottom of the black frame and look for these two boxes:



Yours may or may not have any text in them - it doesn't matter.  We're going to be working inside the "Custom CSS" box.  Note: because this is confined to a very small space on the page, it can be tricky to work inside of it - I suggest using the arrow keys on your keyboard.  The mouse/scrolling works but it can be very frustrating.


Place your cursor in the Custom CSS box in a nice blank space, taking care not to change anything that might already be there.  Following is the text you'll paste into the "Custom CSS" box, but after pasting it in, you're going to change the color codes:


div.post {
border: 1px solid #C0C0B4;

background: #FFFFFF;


The hex color codes above, #C0C0B4 and #FFFFFF are the default colors.  "Border" is exactly what it sounds like - that thin border around the post box.  You can change not only the color on this one, but also the thickness of the border itself and whether or not it's a solid line.  For more information about these, see:



For an easy to use color-chart of hex color codes, see:



So, change the hex color codes for either or both the border and background, made sure the semi-colons are still there after your changes, click "Save" and repeat as often as the spirit moves you.  ;-)