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A Whisker of Trouble (Second Chance Cat mystery, #3)

A Whisker of Trouble - Sofie Ryan

Sofie Kelly and Sophie Ryan and both pseudonyms for the same author, and both are among the few cozy mystery series that have survived both my expanded reading tastes and my increased intolerance for insipid cozy mysteries.


Sarah and her cat Elvis, along with her team from her repurpose shop, have been hired to clean out a hoarder's house after his death.  The first day on the job, they find a dead man in the kitchen.


Ryan takes an interesting path in these mysteries: the MC, Sarah, is only the amateur sleuth by proxy, as she tries to rein in the exuberance of her grandmother's friends (who have quite a surprise for her in this one) in their rush to investigate all the crimes.  Of course she doesn't succeed, but at least this avoids that obnoxious trope of the MC thinking she knows better than the police.


I really like the characters and so far there isn't a love triangle - although there are two eligible men on the scene.  I like one over the other, so that probably means she'll end up with the 'other'.  I love reading the small bits throughout the story about the stuff she finds and how she re-purposes it, and Elvis is a total scene stealer.


An entertaining, light, beachy sort of read, perfect for summer, that avoids being vapid.  I'll keep reading these.