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Hammered (Iron Druid Series, #3)

Hammered - Kevin Hearne, Christopher Ragland

Talk about your conflicted feelings.  For those that have read the Iron Druid chronicles, you know how great the writing is and how good the stories are.  If you haven't read them and you like urban fantasy with humour and a good, researched dose of the varying world mythologies, you can't go wrong trying out this series.  (I particularly loved Jesus in this one!)


But Thor...  *sniffle*  let's just say I prefer Marvel's version, even if it's not historically accurate.


I listened to this one and while the story gets 4 stars, the narration is a solid three.  Christopher Ragland does a very credible job with Atticus, but he blows it with Oberon, making him sound like an inane, slobbering canine version of Pee Wee Herman and his idea of Leif's voice is a bad Clint Eastwood impersonation that was painful to listen to.  Additionally, I count many Scandinavians as close friends and none of them have that exaggerated muppet-Swedish-chef accent.  I'm not even going to get started on the female characters; I'm just grateful Granuaile didn't play a bigger part.


I'd definitely listen to another of these, they're very engaging, but looking at the author's website he lists audio using a different narrator, and I think I'll try out a sample to see if he does a better job.


Since this book was listened in its entirety while I was in my car, and Moonlight Reader clarified the "Read in a boat, tent or cabin" square of the Summer Book Bingo as anywhere that wasn't your house AND I've already complete a bingo, so this is just for fun, I'm using Hammered for this square.  Also, run-on sentence, sorry.