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Making your blog background hold still.

Grim asked earlier for direction on how to make the background of your customised blog fixed in position, so when someone scrolls down your page the background stays put.


I know there are others on BL that have written this up, but I can't find the links, so here's how:


Go to Settings / Blog tab / Theme: customise / Edit HTML


In the HTML scripting window, look for the "style type=css" line - it's around line 53 and it will look similar but not exactly, like this:



The code you find will look almost exactly the same, except it will not say "0 0 fixed;" on the second line; likely it will say "0 0 scroll" but fixed is what you want it to say.


(Sorry, that's a bit convoluted but I'm not all that clear-headed today and I can't find an example of what the code looked like before I changed mine.)


So, find those lines in your HTML window, and in the 2nd line, edit that part so it reads:

 customize.bg }}") 0 0 fixed;


Preview your changes to make sure they work and then hit "Save".  That pull down menu next to the button "Reset Template" (which you don't want to use unless you want to undo ALL of your blog customisations, btw), is the way you switch to the HTML code for your other pages - your shelves, your timeline, etc.  So if you want your background to be fixed for all your personal pages, you must make this change to each of the templates individually.


Hope this helps!