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Importing your leafmarks file into Libib... it's not easy.

The devastating news about LeafMarks, coupled with the uncertainty the last few weeks at BL has quite a few of us making sure our data is safe somewhere.  


A few have signed up to libib.com, and are struggling to get their LeafMarks export into Libib and it's not easy.  But I was able to do it.


Libib (man does my spell check hate that word) has an import template you can download from the Add Items - CSV Import tab.  Click on the "CSV Import Instructions" and just under the title is a link to download that template.


If you have Excel (or Numbers, which is what I used) you can copy/paste the data from your LeafMarks export into this template, BUT...


Leafmarks export displays dates with commas:  2016,5,31.  That has to be changed to 2016-05-31.  They also include the time in one of the columns (date added? I think) and that has to be removed too.


LM also outputs the author names lastname,firstname: this imports into Libib, but it isn't changed, so the author name displays on your shelves last name first.


The good news is that you can leave the html tags in the review field.


My personal bad news is that I now have double reviews in Libib for 2016 because Libib doesn't over-write files.


For the nerds out there, I was able to copy my LM export over to the template, save it as a CSV, open it in BBEdit (Mac) and use grep to convert the dates and strip out the times.


For the non-nerds (pretty much everyone else) I don't know how much time you'll want to spend converting the dates, swapping author names and stripping times: there might be ways to do that in Excel that will make it easier - I lack any Excel kung-fu.


My biggest complaint so far is I can't find any of my freaking books because I can't see ALL of them at once.  It seems to want to limit me to just one 'tag' or shelf.


May BL reign forever and always...  ;-)