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New bookshelf...

Even for book lovers a new bookcase is rarely cause for its own blog post, but I'd never seen anything like this before a couple of months ago, and today I got my own.


It's perfect for us because we just don't have any space left in the house for another traditional bookcase.  It's called a vertical book spine:



(Before and after.)


It's 1.8 meters tall (just under 5 feet); I'm using it to keep my To Be Read books, although if you look on the shelves to the right, all those spine-out are the ones that don't fit.  It did free up a heap of space on my actual shelves though - you can imagine that won't last long.


Anyone else have one of these?  I'd like to eventually get another tall one, and maybe one short one - they're great to tuck into corners and corners are all I have left.