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Everyday Things for Lively Youngsters

Everyday Things for Lively Youngsters - T.J.S. Rowland

I spent an hour this afternoon skimming through this old book from 1941 that I picked up at a UBS a few months ago.  I loved these type of general knowledge books as a kid, so I couldn't resist.


Everyday Things for Lively Youngsters is part of a series covering (as I gather from the forward) various topics covering living things and health/nutrition.  This slim volume is packed with information about the earth and, in an odd segue, building materials.  I was pleasantly surprised at how most of the information in the book has remained relevant, although I don't think I can embrace the idea of using ammonia for either cleaning the carpets or for first aid.


All the explanations have a page of mildly amusing companion illustrations and there are suggestions for trying things at home (including one involving an egg and a narrow necked bottle I want to try with my nieces).  I'd happily point any curious children to this book and I'll be on the lookout for its companions on future USB visits.