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This one's for Grim - changing the font family for your entire blog.

UPDATE:  For some reason I won't speculate on, BookLikes seems to only honor the body font settings for the first post on the main blog page.  In order to force the font onto all the posts, you have to change a tag called (minus the brackets): div class="post set-rel"


SO...look for the tag here:



Change that div tag, 'post set-rel' to look like:

That SHOULD change ALL the posts to the font you want.  Leave the body tag as is because that seems to change everything at the top and the sides (unless you want to change that font to something else).



Grim asked about how to change the font face/family for her entire blog, so this tutorial is aimed directly at her.  The concept will work for anyone here on BookLikes but you may not like the results, and the font I'm talking about isn't one that will be on most people's computers.


Also, Grim, some of the screenshots I'm about to use might look a little bit different than what you're seeing because you're working with YOUR HTML template and I can't see that, I'm using your page source after it's been processed by BL - so it won't be the same.  I'll also post a second screenshot that shows you what my HTML template looks like, so that might help you find what you need.


1.  You currently have a tag in your code that looks like this:


Below is what it looks like on my template - the line numbers on the far left won't match up exactly, but yours should be in the general vicinity of the 60's:



Remember, yours has the style="font-family... stuff after the class="bg".


Once you find that tag, remove (use the cut function, you'll thank me in a minute) everything from style to the last "  - You want your tag to look exactly like mine in that last screenshot.


2.  Now, find your body tag.  (there's a joke there somewhere, but it's a weak one)

What I see on your page looks like this (in context):




What it looks like on my template:


(you won't see .linkbox, but I included the .commentsbg part because you've worked with that already so it should be familiar territory.)


That -body- tag is the one you want to work with and you want it to look exactly like this:


(if you did a cut earlier, you can just do a paste now and adjust any spacing stuff).


That's it - hit save and you should see your entire blog in all its Wrecker glory!  Only people who have Wrecker installed will see it - everyone else will revert to Georgia.


N.B. - this post was sitting on my feed half finished because I hit "save" instead of "Add photo +" because I am a duffer and haven't yet had enough tea.


Happy Wrecking.  ;)