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I read cozy and historical mysteries, a bit of Paranormal/UF, and to mix it up, I read science and gardening books on occasion.

Book haul for week ending March 18

Latin for Birdwatchers - Roger Lederer, Carol Burr A History of Birdwatching in 100 Objects - Dominic Mitchell, David Callahan To See Every Bird on Earth - Dan Koeppel Secret Places, Hidden Sanctuaries: Uncovering Mysterious Sights, Symbols, and Societies - Stephen Klimczuk, Gerald Warner Whispers in the Reading Room  - Shelley Gray Equal Rites  - Terry Pratchett The Moonstone - Wilkie Collins False Scent - Ngaio Marsh

My husband has always been a reader, but the last 9 months or so, he's really devoted more time to it and as a result has been tearing through "his" books with alarming speed.  He keeps coming to me, saying: "you need to order me some more books".  This past weekend, I said no.  Then I took him to the used bookshops I discovered a few weeks ago so he could happily pick out a pile and save us a heap in shipping fees.


Which I promptly spent on books for me.  Because honestly, anyone who has known me for 5 minutes knows you can't let me loose in a bookshop.  Oh, and he needed new work pants, which meant we had to go to the mall - it's a close thing as to which of us hates the mall more, but there's a new bookshop that opened and it's small, but wonderful.  MT found 4 books before he'd been in the store a full minute.  I'm not sure the house's foundations can support both of us having a book habit.


Latin for Birdwatchers - This was a freebie from one of the used bookshops that isn't a used bookshop - it sells remainders and everything in the store is $10 or 6 for $50.  This was my 6th book and I mostly bought it because it's beautiful but also because I'll learn something.  


A History of Birdwatching in 100 Objects - So it turns out I'm a hopeless sucker for history via objects.  


To See Every Bird on Earth - Anyone wondering if the bookshop had a birdwatching-themed display would not be wrong.  Since wanting to see every bird on Earth is something I would be apt to declare as a goal, I figured I read this and find out just how unpleasant such a goal might be in reality (not to mention expensive).


Secret Places, Hidden Sanctuaries: Uncovering Mysterious Sights, Symbols, and Societies - I love a good hidden room or cryptic symbol and I haven't read much on the subject so there should be a lot of 'new to me' stuff here if the writing is good.


Whispers in the Reading Room - Has anyone read this series?  The MC of this one is a librarian in Chicago and it takes place just after the World's Fair, so it was a done deal. Only, this one is the third in the series so I'm wondering if RIO is a must or not?


Equal Rites - My second Pratchett.  I started with death but I wanted to try one of the witches books next.


The Moonstone - Because I feel like I can't call myself a mystery reader without reading this one.


False Scent - Pure cover love (also, see above).


new books: 8

books read: 5

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