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Alex Craft series re-read

Grave Witch - Kalayna Price Grave Dance - Kalayna Price Grave Memory - Kalayna Price

I real all three of these years ago and really enjoyed them.  No weres or vampires, but plenty of fae and witches and soul collectors.  I was truly irritated that the fourth book's publication date had been repeatedly pushed back, although I understand it was for good reasons on the author's part.


But praise be to the book gods, because the fourth one, after 3 years of delays, is out!  I've had it on pre-order for the past three years, so it's on its way to me now and I thought it would be a good idea to re-read these to make sure I knew what was going on (and to see if they stood up to the test of time).


Alexia is a grave witch;  she's able to raise a shade of the dead that they might give their loved ones information they didn't pass on before they died.  She does't raise their souls, but just the memory of them; for this reason, shades can't lie and Alex has no shortage of work helping the police solve crimes, insurance companies settle claims and loved ones tie up loose ends.  


The re-reads stood up well and I still like these books a lot; the premise is off my beaten path, the characters are likeable and the plots are dark but not graphic (or at least not too graphic).  There's a hell of a love-triangle though.  I'd prefer it be resolved, but at least the author hasn't turned it into a pissing contest yet.  It's very similar to the triangle in Evanovich's books, minus the silliness and slapstick humour.


I'm glad I was stubborn about keeping my pre-order open, as I'm looking forward to book 4 now more than ever.