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To Die Fur (Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot mystery, #2)

To Die Fur - Dixie Lyle

I can't describe this series without it sounding around-the-bend ludicrous and it's one I'd normally never go near because I don't like books about talking animals.  Even the official book synopsis makes it sound inane.  But it isn't.  Turns out it's really well-written and touching without being sappy; at least, if you're an animal lover. Her take on animal heaven and the pet cemetery is my idea of paradise and she puts a great spin on the Rainbow Bridge.


I put off reading this book for well over a year because I knew from the back of the book that it involved the death of an animal, a rare white liger.  As part of my cozy cull this month, I made myself pick it up.  The author gets full credit for being able to present this murder mystery without making me tear up and throughout most of the book I laughed out loud at the antics and dialogue between the cat and the dog.  I even read a small bit out loud to MT (cats and laser pointers).  The author gives the characters a wit and banter that just hits the perfect spot on my funny bone.  I deducted a star because in a series that starts with an over-the-top premise, some of the 'action' in this book was just too out there.


I've already started the third book, which returns to murder of the human variety.