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Lemon Pies and Little White Lies (Charmed Pie Shop, #4)

Lemon Pies and Little White Lies - Ellery Adams

Any attempt I make to describe this book is going to make it sound childish so let me start by saying this is a very well-written book with a beautiful sense of place and strong characters all around, but especially strong female characters.


Remember that as I tell you that this is a fairy tale for adults, of a sort.  Adams has created a place where love conquers all and borrows heavily from Arthurian mythology to build her world of magic.  I'm not quite sure why Berkley markets this as a cozy mystery; the first book of the series was certainly a murder mystery but while the last three have had murders that needed to be solved, they truly are secondary to the over-arching plot concerning the magical community.


I didn't rate this book higher purely out of personal taste: it was just too sappy for me.  I'm not sentimental enough to be the target audience for this story, although I still enjoyed it.


This book very much reads as though it's the last of this series.  If so, it ended on a very strong loose-ends-tied-up note and I feel like the series stands complete as is.



I stand corrected, there's apparently a 5th book.  It'll be interesting to see where she goes with this, after everything has come so neatly to a close.