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TBR Thursday - December 18

Pomfret Towers - Angela Thirkell Fifty Days That Changed The World - Hywell Williams Strong Poison - Dorothy L. Sayers, Natacha Ledwidge Christmas at High Rising - Angela Thirkell Cinnamon Toasted - Gail Oust

Well, I thought this was going to be a slower book-buying month, but then I got an email from BookDepository about their Black Friday sales, and found the Angela Thirkell books.  A few days later I was commenting to Martini on one of my posts about how I found a very reasonably priced copy of The Folio Society's Christmas Ghost Stories and I wanted to include some links to listings in case she was interested.  And found two more Folio Society editions for myself.  As you do.


Strong Poison - Dorothy L. Sayers is a gorgeous book in its own slipcase and it looks as though it's never been read.  Strong Poison is my favorite of the Whimsey mysteries, but of course they're all worth having in hardcover.


Fifty Days That Changed The World - Hywell Williams was an impulse "I'll bid - there's no way I'll win" on eBay.  Another hard copy in its own slipcase, I figured it sounded interesting enough that I'd pay $15 for it on the off chance I did win.  Well, I did, but I won at $12.50 and I'm certain this book has never even been fully opened up.  It's in near fine condition (small grease spot on slipcover) and it's beautiful.  I've only perused the TOC so far, but the events Williams chose have me eager to read the book.


Christmas at High Rising - Angela Thirkell  It's a Christmas book and it's the Christmas season.  


Pomfret Towers - Angela Thirkell A bargain buy at BD.  I've enjoyed the first book she wrote, High Rising and I'm looking forward to discovering a new author.


Cinnamon Toasted - Gail Oust  Another instalment in another of the too-many series I'm following.


Books received:  5

Books read this week:  5

Physical TBR:  173