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Christmas at High Rising

Christmas at High Rising - Angela Thirkell

A small collection of short stories that Thirkell wrote for various publications during her career.  Approximately every other story was about the cast of characters in High Rising and set in Barsetshire; most of them featured Tony, Mrs. Morland's incredibly obnoxious youngest son.  It's clear as crystal that child is going to grow up to be a pompous wind-bag.


A Private View, was my least favorite of the stories; I'm not quite sure what the point of it was as the story ended without any resolution at all and it included some incredibly distasteful racial slurs.


Christmas at Mulberry Lodge was a sweet story, written as though Thirkell is telling a story to children.  As I was reading it, I thought I might read it to my nieces when they arrive for the holidays.  Until I got to nearly the end and thought again.  Didn't like the ending.  At all.


The last story is A Nice Day in Town and I thought it was close to brilliant.  This story takes place much later; WWII has begun and rationing of everything has set in.  The author did a brilliant job making me feel the weariness and frustration and mourn what England was reduced to while the fighting raged on, yet she still managed to end the story on an optimistic note.