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Death of a Dog Whisperer (Melanie Travis Mystery, #17)

Death of a Dog Whisperer - Laurien Berenson

When this series first started, it was one of those old dependables; the reader could always count on a good mystery, entertaining characters and pretty good plotting.  When the series seemingly came to an end, it felt like the right time; neither too soon nor too late.  Then Ms. Berenson picked the series up again.  It was still good, but mentally I'd sort of said my goodbyes.  I'm a completist though, so I continue to read the series.


This one; this one is just really average.  The plotting was excellent, but Melanie's husband Sam acted like such a complete ass I was almost too disgusted to finish the book, and while he and Melanie resolved the situation to their satisfaction, it wasn't to mine.  Someone needed to hit him on the head - hard.  He got off too easy and I'm left feeling mutinous.


But the actual mystery was pretty good.  I have the next one in the stack; it's a Christmas themed one so I'll read that one soon and decide then if I'm still on this series' bandwagon or if it's time to hop off, completist or not.