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Lowcountry Bordello (Liz Talbot Mysteries, #4)

Lowcountry Bordello - Susan M. Boyer

My first Christmas-themed book of the season is from one of my favorite cozy mystery authors and a Henery Press book.


This is a paranormal mystery series - definitely cozy.  For those who eye paranormal books sideways, this is the guardian angel/ghosts variety of paranormal with nothing dark or evil. The writing is faced-paced, well done and fun to read.  Liz is a P.I. so we aren't subjected to amateur sleuthing pitfalls, and the small love triangle introduced in the first book was resolved after the second.


The mystery plot takes place in the run-up to Christmas and Liz is helping out a friend who inherited half of a family home, only to find out it's being run as a bordello.  Sort of.  It is a bordello, but not the kind I was imagining.  The whole thing was interesting and as Liz is a P.I. we're getting the information as she does so there's no contrivance on the author's part to leave the reader stunned with a surprise, but it wasn't boring or predictable either.


There are some books I'd love to be able to tell the publisher:  here's my credit card; just automatically send me every new one in hardcover as soon as it's published, please.  The Liz Talbot series would be at the top of my list (along with the Headline in High Heels series).  This is one of the few cozy series left that I find myself counting down the days to release, and I look forward to the next one.