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Neither Here Nor There (Audio edition)

Neither Here, Nor There - Bill Bryson, William Roberts

This was the one Bill Bryson travelogue I've been most looking forward to hearing since I've never yet not loved every place I've been in Europe.  So of course it stands to reason it's the one I enjoyed the least.


Let me start by saying that the narrator, William Roberts, does an excellent job.  He adds life and personality to the narration so the you often forget he's reading a book.


Neither Here Nor There is obviously one of Bryson's earlier works, written when he was younger and apparently not at all concerned that he might give readers the impression that he aspired to becoming a modern day Benny Hill.  It's definitely rawer in language and cruder in thought that any of his other work I've read to date.  It didn't offend me, but I found it jarring after reading his later works where he's a kinder, more subtle, more thoughtful writer.


Overall, I enjoyed the listen, but as the places he loved are places already on my list and the places he did not love were places I've never been interested in (except Amsterdam - how do you not love Amsterdam?!?!), I didn't take anything away from this one beyond the knowledge that Bill Bryson's internal, younger self was a bit of a letch.