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Death Dines In: Sixteen Culinary Capers

Death Dines In: Sixteen Culinary Capers - William Moody,  Claudia Bishop,  Parnell Hall,  Anne Perry,  Elizabeth Foxwell,  Dean James,  Nick DiChario, Donna Andrews,  Carole Nelson Douglas, Marcos Donnelly, Meg Chittenden, Don Bruns, Lyn Hamilton, Jeremiah Healy, Rhys Bowen, Mary Jane Maffini

An anthology of short mysteries focussed on the culinary, with a recipe contributed by each author.  I couldn't care less about the recipes; none of them interested me, but the mysteries were all very well-written and edited.


I have the book itself an overall rating of 3.5 stars as the average rating of all the stories.  Some were excellent:


Sing a Song of Sixpence by Anne Perry

Where the Wildflowers Bloom by Nick DiChario

The Birthday Dinner by Donna Andrews

Alice and the Agent of the Hun by Elizabeth Foxwell 


Others were not:

Matinee by William Moody (I have no idea what the point of this one was)


Most were just average and some more memorable than others; exactly what you'd expect from an anthology.


A special shout-out to Food for Thought by Jeremiah Healy.  This is marketed as a cozy anthology and all the stories, with the exception of this one, easily fall into that category.  Food for Thought is definitely not a cozy; it is the most disturbing story of the lot and the one that stayed with me the longest.  I can't say I liked it (at all) but I can objectively admire the talent and imagination the author put into the story.


The book was definitely worth the $1 I paid for it, and the short story by Anne Perry was good enough that I'm going to look out for her other work.