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Truffled to Death (Chocolate Covered Mystery, #2)

Truffled to Death - Kathy Aarons

In spite of the names, this is one of the more intelligently written cozy series to come out lately.


Truffled to Death wasn't quite as good as the first book; it started off slower, but after about half way I started to get really interested as the mystery moved into international art trafficking and mysterious men with murky motives.  Michelle and Erica continue to be the kind of MC's I'd like to call friends in real life and the author doesn't try to to make them wacky or quirky or TSTL.


Giving Coco the cat a leading role in the mystery made it a bit more fun and by merely acting as cats will, lent a believable air to the final confrontation.


I usually don't pay much attention to the recipes in the back, but this one has a recipe for a banana fosters truffle that sounds delicious and easy for this novice to make.  Definitely looking forward to the next book.