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A Likely Story (Library Lovers Mystery, #6 )

A Likely Story - Jenn McKinlay

I finished this over the weekend - in one afternoon actually. It was the make-or-break book for me in this series as the last one was just ridiculous.


I'm happy to say that this story line was a vast improvement over the last one - the reader doesn't have to disregard the laws of physics to believe what's written. The author is still stubbornly hanging on to the incredibly stupid love triangle; it's heavily implied that it's all but resolved but then the author screws the readers over with the very last line of the book (which just makes the whole thing more stupid, imo).


Also truly annoying about A Likely Story beyond the first chapter (where Lindsey's friends all treat her like a child who has no expectation of privacy) is the number of times the author feels the needs to remind her readers and her characters that Lindsey is a librarian - I almost started keeping count because the number of times it was mentioned that Lindsey is a librarian was ludicrous and harping.  Seriously, Batman identifies himself less often.


Ms. McKinlay will have me and my money for another book; she recently dropped one of her series, so I have all my fingers crossed that we can expect a return to her earlier excellent writing now that she is no longer spread so thin.  But I'm not holding my breath.