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In the Drink (Mack's Bar, #3)

In the Drink - Allyson K. Abbott

I like the author's use of synesthesia as a different angle for an amateur sleuth and I've always enjoyed her writing (she writes the series that begins with Working Stiff under the name Annalise Ryan).


This third one has her bar patrons trying to solve an old cold case - the murder of two girls 12 years prior.  This plot (which I solved before I reached page 138) runs concurrently with what looks to be a new series arc - it reminded me of the old NBC show Profiler.  


After all the press she got about how she helped the police (using her very misunderstood synesthesia), Mack has acquired a diabolical stalker who has set her on the trail of clues that each must be solved by a deadline, or someone close to her will be killed.  Of course, no police intervention which specifically includes her sort-of boyfriend, who is on shaky ground with Mack anyway.  This in turn allows the author to introduce a damn love triangle!!!  


Malachi is an undercover police officer Mack's boyfriend asks to step in and watch her back.  I'm guessing it's not her back he's going to be watching.  But I do like him as a character - maybe a bit more than Mack's current boyfriend, whose name I can't remember (telling).  


The stalker thing isn't wrapped up at the end; if anything it's tragically ramped up.  I'm in for at least one more book - the love triangle needs to be very temporary for me to commit to more than that.