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The Fine Art of ...

The Fine Art of Fucking Up - Cate Dicharry

I'll leave the rest to the title image in case anyone has people looking over their shoulders.


Eh.  This book wasn't quite what I was expecting it to be.  It's full of madcap adventure but the underlying theme of the book concerns the absolute disconnect the MC is experiencing with her own life.  The author writes this disconnect so well I was left feeling no sympathy or empathy for the MC, even though I could relate to some of what she was going through.  Instead I found her to be out-of-control, mean-spirited and ineffectual.  I just wanted to tell her to get a grip and fix her damn self already instead of running from one bad moment to the next.  I liked the rest of the cast of characters much more and I stuck with the book because of these looney people and what they might do next.


Overall, it just wasn't my thing but it was competently written (although a lot of copywriting errors) and as a first book goes, a decent effort.