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Black Cat Crossing (Bad Luck Cat mystery, #1)

Black Cat Crossing - Kay Finch

"We have to help the police" is the first reason I didn't rate this book higher.  The second reason:  if you find a secret hidey-hole in your house with something in it, would you forget all about it just a few hours later?  I wouldn't and I didn't when Sabrina found hers. 


But Black Cat Crossing was a pretty good start to a new series and Hitchcock has the capacity for awesomeness.  Sabrina feels flighty to me for some reason, but that could just be first book-itis.


Sabrina is helping out her aunt while she recovers from a broken leg and is using the time to try to write her first novel.  The black sheep of the family tree arrives unannounced and makes a rather startling claim only to wind up dead the next day, making Sabrina's aunt look super suspicious.


The mystery's solution felt like it came out of nowhere; I'm not sure the reader was given the clues needed to solve anything, but as this is normally not a factor for me, it didn't lessen my enjoyment at all.


I'll definitely read a second book.